Ty Blue
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Biographical Information
Ty Blue
16-17 (Season 1)
18-19 (Season 2)
20-21 (Season 3)
22-23 (Season 4)
Chicago, Illinois
October 6, 1995
Professional Information
Texas School
Crusty's (formely)
Shake It Up, Chicago! (formely)
Friends and Family
Marcie Blue]]
Curtis Blue
Rocky Blue (sister)
Casey Blue (sister)
Grandpa Blue
Annie Blue
"Nana" Rose
Deuce Martinez (best friend)
Flynn Jones
CeCe Jones
Tinka Hessenheffer
Gunther Hessenheffer
Logan Hunter
Love interests:
Tinka Hessenheffer
Behind the Scenes
First Seen:
Last Seen:
Portrayed by:
Roshon Fegan

Tyler "Ty" Blue is a main character on Dance It Up. He is the son of Curtis Blue and Marcie Blue and the older brother of Rocky Blue and Casey Blue. He is friends with CeCe Jones, Gunther Hessenheffer, the Martins, Mark and Deuce Martinez. He lives in an apartment with his family in the suite above the Jones family, for whom he often babysits Flynn Jones. His father is a doctor that returned in the second season after being away on business trips and working overseas. Although he is a very good dancer, he does not want to go audition for Shake It Up, Chicago!, claiming he doesn't 'dance for the man'. Instead, he aspires to be a rapper. Later, he changes his mind and reveals to his sister Rocky that he does want to be a dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago! and attends the auditions for the revamped version of the show, with Tinka Hessenheffer as his dance partner. He is eventually made the show's new host and is now working alongside Gary Wilde and formerly Phil. He attends Texas School in Chicago. Ty is portrayed by Roshon Fegan.


Ty is Rocky's hip, smooth, and sarcastic older brother who is popular at school, loves to dance, and knows how to charm the girls. He is seen as a very cheerful, sociable guy and always seems to have a date. Being raised with his sister, he is also logical and smart, especially when it comes to his money. He has been known to be saving up for a car and he gets a job at Crusty's. His personality shone through most in "Split It Up" when he rapped about things like cheap haircuts and had to consult Deuce and Flynn to up his bad boy image. By the end of the episode, he had helped an elderly woman retrieve her purse from a robber and delivered a baby panda at the zoo, calling the process "beautiful". Although Ty hasn't claimed to have any girlfriends, he went on a date with Tinka, but nothing further has been shown about their relationship. It is revealed in "Weird It Up" that his relationships don't last, because he blows girls off when the relationship gets too clingy.</span>


  • He has 2 sisters, Rocky and Casey Blue.
  • He's best friends with Deuce Martinez.
  • He does not have good raps until Together It Up.