29 It Up3 to DanceAbandoned Hospital It Up
Abandoned Puppy It UpAdam IrigoyenAlone
Amy HessenhefferAsia It Up, Part 1Asia It Up, Part 2
Asia It Up, Part 3Asia It Up, Part 4Asia It Up, Part 5
Asia It Up, Part 6Austin and Ally CastAustin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney
Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney SoundtrackBaby? It UpBack In Time
Back It UpBack To RealityBad Luck It Up
Beach It UpBeggingBella Thorne
Break-Up It UpBreak Up on Christmas Day It UpBring Down The House Tonight
Broken Heart It UpCan't Do It Without YouCaroline Sunshine
Casey BlueCeCe It UpCeCe Jones
CharactersCheat It UpChild It Up
Christmas Day It UpChristmas Tale It UpClass It Up
Crack It UpCrush It UpCry
Crystal MartinCurtis BlueDance, Dance, Chicago!
Dance 1t Up: Extended SoundtrackDance 1t Up (Soundtrack)Dance 4 Ever
Dance It Out!Dance It UpDance It Up: Return To Chicago
Dance It Up: The UKDance It Up: The UK-EPDance It Up: The World Tour
Dance It Up WikiDance With MeDancing Forever
Dancing ManiaDancing Of My OwnDavid Henrie
Demi It UpDeuce MartinezDina Garcia
Dina It UpDivorce It UpDog with a Jessie It Up
Don Rio GarciaDreamDream 2 Dance
Easter It UpEdinburgh It UpEllie Goulding
End It UpEnemy It UpEpisode Guide (List Of Episodes)
Evacuate the DancefloorEverything ChangesExam It Up
Fall Out It UpFamily Reunion It UpFind It Up
Flynn JonesForget About You It UpForget You
Forgive It UpForgive MeFrance It Up
Fresh Start It UpFriday the 13th It UpFriend
FriendshipsFull Of DreamsGary Wilde
Georgia JonesGlueGlue It Up
Gone It Up, Part 1Gone It Up, Part 2Good Luck It Up
Great Plans It UpGuest StarsGuidelines
Gunther HessenhefferGunther It UpGunther It Up 2
Ha-Ha-HalloweenHalf Of MeHall Of Fame
Halloween Party It UpHannah Montana It UpHeart By Heart
Helena PaparizouHenry DillonHeritage
High School Memory It UpHistory Of America It UpHungry It Up
I'll Always Be ThereI Always Think Of YouI Am Back
I Am ScaredI Do Care CastI Do Care It Up
I Love DancingI Love The Beat Of ThatI Love You
Idina MenzelIgnore It UpJeremy Hunter
Job It UpKate MartinKe$ha
Ke$ha It UpKenton DutyLa La La
Labor It UpLeave It Up: Part 1Leave It Up: Part 2
Leave You ForeverLet's DanceList of songs
Liv and Maddie CastLocal chatLogan Hunter
Long Lost Sister It Up?Lost It UpLove
Love Is Love It UpLove MeMade It UK
Marcie BlueMarkMarriage It Up
Mary MartinMemoryMemory It Up
Mess It UpMoney It UpMovies It Up
Moving On It UpMystery It UpNatural
Never Give UpNew LifeNew Life It Up
NewsNorth Pole It UpOff It Up
Old Country It UpOlivia HoltOnce Upon A Time It Up
Open Your HeartPack It UpParanormal It Up
Play It LoudPoland It UpPolice It Up
Proposal It UpR5 It UpRatings for Season 1
Record Deal It UpRemember Our Time? It UpRemember The Memory
Remember The Time?Remember UsReturn It Up
Reunite It UpRihannaRihanna It Up
Rocky's Choice It Up: Part 1Rocky BlueRoshon Fegan
Ross LynchSave Me (This is An SOS)Scary, Freaky and All Freaked Out
Scary Movie It UpSeason 1Season 2
Season 3Season 4Season 5
Shake ItShop It UpSing It Up
Sleepwalking It UpSlender It UpSlender It Up: Part 2
SlendermanSnow It UpSpace It Up
SpinningStay StrongSuite Life On Zack and Cody It Up
Take It SlowTake Your ChancesTaylor Swift
TerryfyingThis Is CrazyThis Is The Real Me
Tina GarciaTinka HessenhefferTinka It Up
TogetherTogether (By Ross Lynch)Together Forever
Together It UpTrap It UpTrip It Up
Turn It All AroundTurn It UpTy Blue
Valentine's It UpWe're BackWe Are Always A Team
We Are Gonna Own ItWhere's Dina It Up: Part 1Where's Dina It Up: Part 2
Winter Vacation It UpWizards It UpYou're Mine
You And IYou Are GoneYou Don't Love Me
You Don't See MeYou and MeZendaya
Zoo It Up
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