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The following is the list of episodes of Dance It Up.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 24 February 14, 2014 January 2, 2015
  2 30 January 16, 2015 January 15, 2016
Dance It Up: The UK
January 15, 2016
  3 26 January 15, 2016 January 6, 2017
  4 37 January 20, 2017 January 12, 2018
Dance It Up: Return To Chicago
January 26, 2018

Season 1: 2014-2015Edit

  • Zendaya and Caroline Sunshine are present on all episodes so far.
  • Roshon Fegan, Adam Irigoyen, Ainsley Bailey, David Henrie, Ellie Goulding and Taylor Swift are absent for 1 episode so far.
  • Ross Lynch is absent for 2 episodes so far.
  • Anita Barone and Idina Menzel are absent for 4 episodes so far
  • Bella Thorne and Demi Lovato guest starred in 1 episode so far.
  • Olivia Holt guest starred in 2 episodes so far.
Series # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 New Life It Up February 14, 2014 101 7.5
After graduation, CeCe left USA and go to the Paris to start her dancing career and leaving Rocky behind but Shake It Up, Chicago got cancelled, leaving Rocky panicked. So after CeCe left along with Shake It Up, Chicago cancelled, Tinka and Rocky became BFFS and they all moved to Texas to start a new life (along with Ty, Deuce, Dina, Flynn, Mark, etc...). They meet some new friends and Rocky, Tinka, Ty and Mark audition for a new show called "Dance It Up" also they all attending a new school. They will continue to deal with friendships, drama, dancing, romance and more. CeCe will continue to video-chat with Rocky and they are still best friends no matter what! Rocky will drop her record deal due to moving away but maybe in the later seasons she will get a record deal again.
2 2 Valentine's It Up February 28, 2014 102 5.8

It's Valentine's Day, and Mark and Rocky are going on a date with each other. In the meantime, Deuce and Dina celebrate their anniversary together, then after Ty and Tinka goes on a date with each other and they kissed. Meanwhile, Kate and Crystal are trying to find a boyfriend. At the end, Mark and Rocky kissed.

3 3 CeCe It Up March 14, 2014 103 4.4

CeCe returns for a weekend with Rocky. But since she sees Rocky and Tinka's friends Kate & Crystal, she gets jealous. Then she and Rocky have a fight and she leaves angrily. In the end, Rocky goes to CeCe's hotel and asks her what's wrong. CeCe tells Rocky about her being jealous and apologizes. Then they hug each other.

4 4 Scary Movie It Up March 28, 2014 104 4.3

The gang decides to watch a scary movie: Hostel 3. In a lot of terrifying scenes, the girls catch the guys' hands. In the end of a scene, Rocky kisses Mark after she screams in fear and they start make-out. Then, the gang decides to watch a comedy.

5 5 Long Lost Sister It Up? April 11, 2014 105 3.7
A new character who lives in Texas appears and her name is Casey Blue. She meets Rocky and Tinka in the mall and they become friends. Ty also meets her and he starts to flirt with her. Casey tries to stop Ty but he doesn't understand. Then Casey tells the whole story to Rocky and Ty. She says that their parents gave her up for adoption because they couldn't grow her and 2 kids (Ty and her). Rocky is shocked and Ty as well. In the end, they have a sibling hug and promise not to break apart again.
6 6 Break-Up It Up April 25, 2014 106 6.7
In the last episode, Ty flirted with Casey and then Tinka found out because someone told her. So she made him spill out what happened then Ty explained but Tinka still doesn't believe him so she sobs and runs away to her house. Rocky, Kate, Crystal, along with CeCe (via Skype chat) comfort Tinka. Meanwhile, the boys tell Ty that he should say sorry. Will they get back together?
7 7 Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney May 9, 2014 107 10.5
Liv and Maddie go with their parents go to Texas in order of Liv to sign some autographs. The same time, Team Austin come for Ally's concert. The gang meets all of them and they decide to have fun together. Meanwhile, Ally and Austin's relationship ends because Austin said that she loves Liv and Ally can't sing because of sadness. Liv dumps Austin and she comforts Ally. In the end, everyone does his job and Ally and Austin get back together.
8 8 Memory It Up May 23, 2014 108 6.1
It all got started when Rocky was in class for PE, then a ball hit her and then she fainted. At the hospital, Tinka went up to her and asked if she was ok, but Rocky forgot about her and everything since she born so the gang tries to help her remember. The worst thing is that she forgot about Mark so Mark keep reminding her about the special moment they have shared. CeCe even came to Texas to remind Rocky about their times together but she still doesn't remember a thing! So the gang tries to think of plan. At the end, Mark went up to her and give her a kiss then she remembers everything and then they all hug.
9 9 Ke$ha It Up June 6, 2014 109 5.0
When Kesha visits Texas for her concert, Rocky and the rest of the gang are excited. The day Kesha arrives at Texas, she meets the gang at the mall and she befriends them. She encourages Rocky, Tinka and her to sing in a trio. In the end they sing Kesha's songs: Tik Tok, Blow and the collaboration between Kesha and Pitbull's song, Timber. They end up performing it very well.
10 10 Trip It Up June 20, 2014 110 7.8
The gang throw a trip in order to make the Blue siblings closer. They have an awesome time. All of them have personal moments like kisses, hugs etc. There they have karaoke night where Rocky performs a song called Play It Loud.
11 11 Record Deal It Up July 4, 2014 111 4.8
A record deal producer heard Tinka singing while she is in the dance studio then he came to her and offering her a record deal. Meanwhile the boys were thinking where to go for their summer, also Rocky was jealous of Tinka so Kate, Dina and Crystal calm her down.
12 12 Tinka It Up July 18, 2014 112 4.2
In the last episode titled 'Record Deal It Up'. She was offered a record deal but because she works on the album, she doesn't have time for dancing. So the dance producer kick her off the show. Will she get back on the show?
13 13 Beach It Up August 1, 2014 113 4.3
The gang goes to the beach, but it all went downhill when a BIG WAVE came so they all ran. They went up to the mountains and saw the whole City flooding with water, is this a dream or is real? At the end, it was just a dream by Ty who says "I got to stop watching horror movies".
14 14 Lost It Up August 15, 2014 114 5.7
Rocky plans to go alone on the forest to find mushrooms. But, she gets lost and she can't find her way home. Meanwhile, the gang try to find her. Is this all a dream or real?
15 15 I Want It Up! August 29, 2014 115 5.6
When Dance It Up's gang go to Portland, they meet the gang and they will celebrate their friendship at a carnival. Meanwhile, Emma and Lara are trying to find a fancy restaurant to go eat dinner at with their boyfriends.
16 16 I Do Care It Up September 12, 2014 116 6.9
The cast of I Do Care came to Texas for a holiday and they got invited to sing together on Dance It Up so the gang decided to hang together then Ken told Mary to break up then she was crying for the whole day so she can't sing. The gang decided to comfort her then At the end, Ken told her that he loves him but she still doesn't believe him. Will they get back together?
17 17 Good Luck It Up September 26, 2014 117 5.8
Rocky, Tinka and the others go to Denver for a trip. There, they meet Teddy, Amy, Charlie and the rest of Duncan family. Tinka and Kate are impressed from the house. Also, P.J falls for Tinka but he becomes depressed when he sees her kissing Ty. In the end, they have a barbecue party.
18 18 Gunther It Up October 10, 2014 118 4.0
Tinka invites Gunther to Texas. There he meets gang's new friends, Kate and Crystal. Everyone is happy with Gunther's visit. In the end, Gunther realizes that he likes Kate and Kate feels the same.
19 19 Slender It Up October 24, 2014 119 5.4
This episode is about the gang go into forest and try to find Slenderman's 8 pages but after the 2nd page they saw Slender appear in everywhere. They tried to run back but they got lost in the woods so they have to try and find the 8 pages then get out of the woods. At the end, everyone dies after the 8th page. Is it real or is just a dream? At the end, it's reveled that it was just a dream by Flynn who says: "I never should play Slender again... in the night."
20 20 Winter Vacation It Up November 7, 2014 120 4.1
The gang goes to Colorado for a vacation so they snowboard but it all went downhill, when Dina got injured then the gang take her to the hospital. Meanwhile, Deuce was really nervous because Dina has injured herself but at the end, she is fine.
21 21 Movies It Up November 21, 2014 121 3.6
The gang try to work out what movies they wanna watch so they all take a vote, but the gang argue when they can't vote together so they didn't talk for a whole day then Rocky said: "Why don't we all watch something we love?" so they decided to go with Rocky's plan and everything worked out at the end.
22 22 Fall Out It Up December 5, 2014 122 3.9

Season 2: 2015-2016Edit

Disney Channel has renewed Dance It Up for a second season at Early March, 2014. The cast will come back to film the second season at September 18, 2014.

Series # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
25 1 Back It Up January 16, 2015 201 TBA
A new season starts and the gang is expects a surprise. CeCe, with accompanying of Logan, returns and announce that she will stay forever. Rocky returns along with Cece and Mark convince her to forgive then they kiss.