My dad wants me to get into the family business, too, but until I’m 18, he can’t tell me what the family business is!
Deuce in Doctor It Up
Deuce Martinez
Deuce Martinez
Biographical Information
Martin "Deuce" Martinez
17-18 (Season 1)
18-19 (Season 2)
19-20 (Season 3)
20-21 (Season 4)
Chicago, Illinois
August 5, 1997
Professional Information
Waiter at Crusty's (formely)
Business man
Texas School
Friends and Family
George Martinez
Mrs. Martinez
Unnamed Sister
Nana Tana
Extended Family:
Sylvia (great-aunt)
Harrison (cousin)
Serphina (cousin)
Uncle Frank
Numerous other cousins
Uncle Poncho
Love interests:
Dina Garcia (girlfriend)
Behind the Scenes
First Seen:
Last Seen:
Portrayed by:

Martin "Deuce" Martinez is a main character on Dance It Up. He has been described as a con-man, usually seen selling random things from the inside of his jacket. Deuce has connections to everything ("Add It Up"). His father George Martinez was seen in an episode but not his mother or sister, however they were mentioned. He has many family members. A handful of his cousins have been seen in different episodes. His most prominent family member is Uncle Frank, who owns a restaurant called Crusty's, where Deuce works. He attends John Hughes High School in Chicago, Illinois with his friends, Ty Blue, Rocky Blue, and CeCe Jones. He usually babysits Flynn Jones and is in a relationship with Dina Garcia. He can speak fluent Spanish, as seen in "Twist It Up" and "Weird It Up". It was also revealed that his full name is Martin Martinez in the episode Remember Me.


Deuce is Rocky and CeCe's friend who works at Crusty’s, and always tries to be in the know- even though he often is not. Deuce is described to be Rocky and CeCe's colorful, confident, resourceful, and irrepressible neighbor and long time friend, who helps navigate all kinds of fun adventures. He comes from a Cuban family and has stated that his father runs the "family business", which he is not allowed to know about until he is 18. Because of his family's background, Deuce comes off as sneaky, cunning, and street-smart. He also has a goofy side, especially when it comes to hanging out with his best friend, Ty, and his friend, Flynn. Deuce can be confident at times, while at other times, he isn't that bright or brave (ex., being afraid of a mouse in "Wild It Up"). He hasn't had much luck with girls, but he is the only character to have a steady girlfriend (Dina Garcia). He also has bushy eyebrows.

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